Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs regarding the Girl Friends Fund, Inc. Scholarship

Q: How much is the scholarship?
A: The scholarship funds will range from $1000 to $1500 and is renewable each year for four years while the student is enrolled in a four-year academic institution and maintains the required cumulative GPA and full-time status.

Q: When is the application due?
A: Each Girl Friends Chapter must submit a scholar candidate to the Scholarship Committee by March 1st. The application and supporting documents must also be uploaded to the Girl Friends Fund, Inc. website by March 1st of each year.

Q: Are all the materials uploaded electronically?
A: Yes. The materials must be scanned and uploaded to the website by the chapter representative.

Q:  I don’t know of a chapter of The Girl Friends®, Inc. in my area.  Does that mean I can’t apply?
A: Not necessarily.  There are 47 chapters nationwide.  If there is a chapter in your area, The Fund will make the connection.  However, The Fund has no input related to the candidate that chapters choose. Please contact the Scholarship Committee at email address.

Q: Do I need to submit both the FAFSA form and my parents 1040 taxes?
A: No, you must submit only the FAFSA report form. Please make sure to remove the Social Security numbers from the document.

Q: Can I use the same essay as the Common Application?
A: Your essay is an essential component of the application. It is in your best interest to write an original essay which addresses the criteria directly.

Q: How will I know if I have been awarded the scholarship?
A: The scholarship recipients will be notified in writing by the Girl Friend Fund, Inc. by June 30th.

Q: When can I expect to receive the check?
A: Scholarship checks will be dispersed in October after the scholars submit their enrollment verification documentation. The scholars will receive an email with instructions to submit the necessary documents.

Q: If I do not meet the criteria to apply for renewal one year can I apply again the next year?
A: Provided you meet the stated eligibility criteria for renewal you may apply the next year up. However, the scholarship is only available for four consecutive years.

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