Pioneer Scholarship Campaign

In May, 2019 The Girl Friends Fund, Inc. will celebrate its 30th Anniversary at its Annual Meeting. A special scholarship has been designated to honor our Pioneers – the founders and early contributors of the Fund from 1989-2005. These are the Girl Friends who had the vision to start the Fund and to sustain it, by creating a nonprofit charitable endeavor that has awarded over one million dollars in scholarships to 760 minority students. The monetary goal of our Anniversary campaign is $30,000, to create the Pioneers of the Fund Scholarship as one of the Fund’s Named Scholarships of Distinction. This is a special scholarship drive in addition to our annual appeal for general donations.

GFF Special Pioneer Campaign Donation Levels

$1,000: Pioneer Level

$500: Inspiration Level

$250: Mentor Level

$100: Educator Level

$50: Tutorial Level

$30 for 30 Years: 30th Anniversary Level