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Limited Third Edition Now Available!

In 2016 and 2017, The Girl Friends Fund Special Projects Fund Raising Committee announced the commissioning of a special bracelet (our limited FIRST and SECOND editions) that Girl Friends could purchase and wear to promote the Fund and its mission. They were FABULOUS ONE OF A KIND PIECES and sold out! Girl Friends, thank you for making these two fundraisers a success while Bringing Dreams to Life for our many scholarship recipients.

We are excited to announce our THIRD LIMITED EDITION GIRL FRIENDS FUND BRACELET now available for purchase!

GFF 2018 Bracelet: Beautiful Double Green Advertine bracelet with engraved disk “Bringing Dreams to Life” in collaboration with Reeds Jewelers/Jenss Décor of Buffalo, New York.

Cost: $37.25 each ($30 for bracelet + $7.25 shipping/handling).

Pre-Order now and pick up your bracelet at Conclave. Please hold on to your confirmation as receipt of payment and present it at Conclave to pick up your bracelet. Chapter delegates/alternates may also pick up bracelets for other chapter members at Conclave to avoid shipping costs.

If you prefer to send in a check the check may be mailed to:

GF Tamara Turnley Robinson
3348 Brickey Lane
Marietta, GA 30064

Purchase your bracelets(s) with a credit card below for $37.25 each ($30 for bracelet + $7.25 shipping/handling).

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Chapter delegates/alternates may also pick up bracelets for chapter members at Conclave.