Pioneers of the Fund

Pioneers of the Fund

In May 2019, The Girl Friends Fund, Inc.® celebrated its 30th Anniversary and a special scholarship was established in honor of our 48 distinguished Pioneers. Our Pioneers are the Founders and early contributors of The Girl Friends Fund, Inc.® from 1989-2005. These Girl Friends had a vision to start and sustain the Fund by creating a nonprofit charitable endeavor.


  • GF Lucille Blondin (Philadelphia)
  • GF Gloria B. Brown (Pittsburgh)
  • GF Margaret Bush Wilson (St. Louis)
  • GF Lillian Butler (Cincinnati)
  • GF Adelaide Clark (Washington, D.C.)
  • GF Katharine Dockens (Atlanta)
  • GF Jacquelyn T. Hartley (Miami)
  • GF Juanita Humphries (New Jersey)
  • GF Mae Johnson (Richmond)
  • GF Rebecca Kingslow (New Jersey)

  • GF Esther Marioneaux (Charlotte)
  • GF Ersa Posten (Washington, D.C.)
  • GF Irma Roy (Baltimore)
  • GF Margaret Rucker (New Orleans)
  • GF Georgia T. Rusan (St. Louis)
  • GF Chrystine R. Shack (Memphis)
  • GF Florence Sharpless (Trenton)
  • GF Agnes Timpson (New Haven)
  • GF Shirley Tolentino (New Jersey)
  • GF Carolyn Wells (Houston)


  • GF Paquita Attaway (Washington, D.C.)
  • GF Lynne E. Bannister (Fairfield County)
  • GF Cheryl Whiteman Brooks (Brooklyn)
  • GF Vicki C. Bryant (Washington, D.C.)
  • GF M. Jean Butler (Orlando)
  • GF Lynda Carroll (New Orleans)
  • GF Margaret Gaines Clark (Trenton)
  • GF Anita Cox Cobb (Durham)
  • GF Deanna Emerson (Trenton)
  • GF Gail Finley (Washington. D.C.)
  • GF Joan Sessoms Ford (Dallas)
  • GF Yvonne Gandy (Toledo)
  • GF Sara Bragg Gray (Baltimore)
  • GF Phoebe A. Haddon (Philadelphia)

  • GF Ruby L. Homaysii (Orlando)
  • GF Tamara Harris Johnson (Birmingham)
  • GF Carole T. Phillips (Brooklyn)
  • GF Belma McClaskey (Louisville)
  • GF Jo Foster Murray (Chicago)
  • GF Janet Reid (Cincinnati)
  • GF Melba A. Reynolds (Houston)
  • GF Lynne Rogers (Columbia)
  • GF Miriam Shropshire (Atlanta)
  • GF Konnetta P. Sparks (New York)
  • GF Cecile Springer (Pittsburgh)
  • GF Nedra Starling (Cleveland)
  • GF Audraine Wilson (New York)
  • GF Helen K. Wright (Cleveland)

From their vision, The Fund has awarded over one million dollars in scholarships to 780+ African-American students. The monetary goal of our Anniversary campaign was $30,000 and we exceeded the goal to raise $45,560.00. For a complete list of donors for the 2019 Pioneer Scholarship Campaign, please see our 2019 Annual Report page 34-38.

Campaign Donation Levels

$1,000: Pioneer Level
$500: Inspiration Level
$250: Mentor Level
$100: Educator Level
$50: Tutorial Level
$30 for 30 Years: 30th Anniversary Level

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